Knowledge Mindfulness

The Interconnections that Help Leaders Transform Their Business and Their Life

Among the key learnings for leaders presented in Knowledge Mindfulness:

  • How integrative solution can turn complex problems into opportunities
  • How augmenting your knowledge can expand your horizon
  • How creating a nurturing culture can enhance performance and Loyalty
  • How redefining success makes you an exceptional leader — and a happier person

Combining powerful new ideas with actionable insights and practical tips, Dr. Laila Marouf challenges readers to rethink and revitalize the role that knowledge plays in their lives. With a more interconnected and integrative approach to knowledge, she argues, it’s possible for leaders to rise above the chaos of our fast-changing world, make better decisions, and drive enduring success for themselves, their teams, and their organization.

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Knowledge Mindfulness

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Whatever knowledge management approach your organization is using today, Laila Marouf’s powerful theories and field-tested insights can help you to transform your leadership style, create a more innovative and inclusive workplace culture, and build happier and higher-performing teams.

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Book Reviews

Dr. Marouf has written a guide for leaders to engage in a personal journey of knowledge mindfulness in this disorienting age of disruption. She orients this path toward personal knowledge maturity—that is less of a destination but rather a process of renewing one’s knowledge and ability to take action in the world. It uniquely blends what is personal with what is strategic and practical.

Paul R. Carlile

Professor of Information Systems and Senior Associate Dean for Innovation at Boston University’s Questrom School of Business

I found Knowledge Mindfulness very relevant to any large organization, as successful companies strive to shift knowledge from individuals to “Organization Knowledge” where many can benefit and draw on the vast experiences across the organization. The success of any organization can be tied to employee motivation in engaging with Knowledge Mindfulness and Knowledge Sharing. Good leaders encourage employees to make proper use of their knowledge process and draw on mindfulness to better facilitate Knowledge Creation and Knowledge Sharing. The book directs organizations on how to better build and maintain organizational knowledge and how sharing this knowledge across the organization is an essential part of the success and continuity of any organization. The book addresses a comprehensive model with practical examples and actionable strategies that executives can use to enhance their Knowledge Mindfulness process. With my five decades in executive roles, I found this book to be very relevant to today’s volatile world.

Samer Khoury

Chairman at Consolidated Contractors International Company

Adapting to our new normal post-pandemic poses a challenge for today’s business leaders. Guidance from Professor Marouf arrives at a perfect time to ease you through this transition period and get you on the right path to lead your team to new heights.

Nabil Habayeb

Former Senior Vice President, GE, Former President & CEO, GE International Markets at GE

I found this book unique in its honesty and real-world application. In an effort to be a good leader it is a mindful process of stamina, humility, and the never-ending challenges of things you know and things you need to know in a fast changing world.

Addy Loudiadis

Partner at Goldman Sachs and former CEO of Rothesay Life

There is no better time than the present to embrace the mindful and holistic approach Dr. Laila Marouf prescribes. The only constant is change, and in a fast paced, changing world the golden triangle of Knowledge Mindfulness is indeed an engine for sustainable transformation. As an impact venture capitalist, I’ll recommend this book for our portfolio founders and investors alike.

Rama Chakaki

Impact Investor, Partner in TRANSFORM VC-Co-Founder Mint+Laurel

Knowledge Mindfulness by Prof. Laila Marouf gives the most thoughtful framework for effective leadership. Her detailed and thoughtful approach to the complex interconnections of knowledge, leadership, and organizational success are as insightful as they are practical. With a deep understanding of knowledge management, Dr. Marouf presents strategies that are clear, specific, and on-target in today’s business and social climate. This is a must read for anyone ready to be a more conscious leader.

Michael Gontar

CEO of InterVest Capital Partners

Dr. Laila Marouf offers a model and strategies that give guidance to business leaders for the use of knowledge in more efficient ways to achieve their goals. Knowledge Mindfulness sets a path that can help in redefining success and better leadership, whether professionally or personally.

Wafa Ahmed Alqatami

Board Member, Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry 

If you struggle to understand how knowledge mindfulness can help you and the situations around you, then Prof. Laila Marouf’s book is a must read.

Jeroen van der Veer

Former CEO, Phillips

This book is a much needed, timely, and elegantly constructed link between two key concepts: knowledge and mindfulness. As the world hurtles towards an uncertain future, we need to take stock and be aware—personally and as a species—of what it means to be human, about how knowledge enhances our existence, and in the face of AI, how it might not. The heartfelt arc of this book is a real meditation by itself, but the message is very refreshing.

Sanjay Emani Sarma

CEO and President, Asia School of Business; Professor of Mechanical Engineering, MIT

“[Marouf’s] calm, global vision of personal development is consistently reassuring […]
Kirkus Reviews

“Readers seeking to break out of old, stale ways of thinking will find much food for thought in these pages.”
Kirkus Reviews

“A smoothly readable argument for deeper and better thinking in a chaotic world.”
Kirkus Reviews
“A smart guide with a fresh perspective on knowledge management.”
BookLife by Publishers Weekly

“[…] a convincing picture of how organizations and the people who work within them can benefit from a whole-brain, whole-person approach to leadership.”
Foreword Reviews

Knowledge Mindfulnes introduces a holistic, interconnected leadership approach that integrates strategies for competitive advantage with corporate and personal well-being.”
Foreword Reviews
“Marouf presents some complex and thought-provoking subject matter in an accessible manner that makes it easy to grasp for readers—highly recommended.”
Readers’ Favorite
“By the end of the book, you will learn to tap into your intuition and find your authentic self.”
Readers’ Favorite